Anglers at our camp fish split days to maximize the chances of hooking up. Fishing is generally much better in the mornings when the water is cool and the air is crisp or during the evenings when the sun is coming off of the pool triggering the salmon to “turn on” again.

A normal day on the river at our camp would be to start fishing by 7 or 8 am until noon and then going back to camp for lunch and a bit of rest before going back out to fish from 4 pm until dark. Of course this could change depending on the fishing conditions.

During high water flows in June or when there’s been a lot of precipitation causing a rise in water levels our guides will have you fishing from one of our 28-foot canoes. The latter half of the season is fished primarily by wading as the water levels lower to normal depths and becomes safer to wade through.

Only one angler may fish at a time while on canoe but when wade fishing both anglers are permitted to fish at the same time.